Saturday, June 1, 2013

The USTA wants you to play less tennis?

I spend a little time on the Tennis Warehouse Talk Tennis forums periodically and came across this thread discussing a letter from a league coordinator in Atlanta informing captains that they may benefit from playing less tennis.

Specifically they site a rule that allows the option of playing a full 3rd set or a match tie-break instead, and the benefits of shortening matches with the match tie-break when it is hot in the summer.

But the kicker is that they also point out that playing the match tie-break may benefit them when playoff teams are being determined as one of the tie-breakers is games lost, and obviously a full 3rd set will result in more games lost unless one were to win the 3rd set 6-0.

This just highlights the fact that the USTA is using a stupid tie-breaker.  Using games lost as a tie-breaker has several issues.  I discussed this last summer in this post but being an incentive to play less tennis is another to add to the list.

Please contact your league or section coordinator to point out these flaws and get them to change the tie-breaking rules.