Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new poll: The AP is ranking the NFL

The Associated Press has decided to cash in on the popularity of polls in the college game and other sports and introduced a poll for the NFL.  In their first poll, Green Bay leads the way at #1 followed by New England and the New York Giants.

As a reminder, my end of last year ratings also had Green Bay #1 despite not getting to the Superbowl with New England at #2.  I had New Orleans #3 but obviously with the off-season changes that may not be accurate.

I do not release any sort of pre-season ratings as I keep my ratings purely objective and so don't do any manual adjustments based on the draft, trades, or free-agent signings.  I've found that my ratings adapt to a teams real capabilities within a few weeks of the regular season.

Even so, I did post projected records using last years end of season ratings which has Green Bay and New England both at 12-4.