Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Past year Estimated Dynamic NTRP now available

I have posted the 2010 and 2011 end of regular season Estimated Dynamic NTRP ratings to the web-site for the Northwest Washington area. See the 2010 men, 2010 women, 2011 men, and 2011 women.

I should note a few things.

First, these ratings generally only include regular season matches.  No local, regional, sectional, or national playoffs are included, except I did include some for the 3.5 mens level for 2011.

Second, the final USTA NTRP ratings do a recalculation based on benchmark players at the end of the year and they do not simply use the current Dynamic NTRP.

Third, the USTA can and has elected to do mass bumps up/down at times to keep the levels balanced.

For these reasons, what you see as the final rating may not match the end of year NTRP from the USTA. But it is still interesting to look at.