Monday, April 24, 2017

Congratulations to the Seattle area 40 & over teams headed to the USTA League Pacific Northwest Sectionals in August - How did the predictions do?

The local playoffs for the Seattle area 40 & over division of USTA League were held this past weekend and we have a bunch of teams qualified to go to Sectionals.  These teams will have plenty of time to prepare and practice as Sectionals in Portland are not until the end of August!

In any case, here the teams are, the winner and wildcard at each level.


  • 2.5 (no playoff) - BTA-Rotival / BC-Baek
  • 3.0 - BC-Block / CP-Darrow
  • 3.5 - TCSP-Iyer / STC-Kellog
  • 4.0 - TCSP-Crites / CP-Keogh
  • 4.5 - BC-Strieb / NTC-Ogborn
  • 5.0 (no playoff or Sectionals) - BC-Stewart

  • 2.5 (no playoff) - FC-Freeman / ETC-Lash
  • 3.0 - MI-Preston / BTA-DeGracia
  • 3.5 - EDG-Schelley / MI-Mattox
  • 4.0 - HBSQ-Little / NTC-Reddy
  • 4.5 - NTC-Dalkin / BETC-Nguyen

For those that read my preview, there were some expected winners and some surprises.  I've bolded the teams above that my preview picked to be in the top-2.

For the women, my predictions were pretty accurate having 5 of the 8 teams at the levels that competed and are advancing picked.  The men only had 3 of the 8 teams, showing there is a reason you play the matches on the courts and not on paper.

Congratulations to all that have qualified.

It is a long ways off to Sectionals, but be sure to come back a few weeks before to get a preview!  And if you are going and want to do some scouting with team or flight reports, contact me.