Monday, September 9, 2019

2019 USTA League Nationals are less than a month away!

We are now a week into September and with USTA League Nationals starting in October, that means we are less than a month away from National Champions being crowned.

See what I wrote earlier about the full schedule and locations, but things start with 18 & Over the first weekend in October, the 3.5 level in Surprise, AZ and the 5.0+ in Las Vegas.  Other also used throughout October and November include Oklahoma City and Orlando.

I will be writing a variety of previews, predictions, and observations as we approach and complete each event, but I also offer a variety of detailed reports to help captains scout opponents and plan their line-ups.  I've been fortunate to work with quite a few captains that are Nationals bound this year, and work with numerous other teams over the years that have done well at Nationals including quite a few that took home first place trophies.

My reports are all based on my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings that have proven quite accurate over the years at predicting match results and year-end levels, and giving captains a very good idea of what to expect at all levels of playoffs.  The reports I offer include:

  1. Team Reports giving captains a detailed view of their own teams or opponents including my estimated rating for each rostered player, their record and courts played on the team, and a partner report showing how each player has done with their various partners.  These are a great tool to see where specific players and pairings are rated and where to expect them to play, or what pairings on your own team do the best.
  2. Flight Reports showing summary information on each team in a flight, or those that will be played, including full roster averages (including average by level) to show general strength, top-8 averages to show who is the strongest if they play their best players, and averages played by court to see trends on how captains play their courts.  While not as detailed as Team Reports, they still give captains a great idea what to expect and how to plan and when to rest players vs play your best line-up.
  3. Flight Simulation Reports were created last year to simulate Nationals with the new flight-less round-robin format.  These do a million simulations of the schedule with some random variation in team strengths and take into account the actual schedule to predict the most likely record for each team and the chances of all possible records, and what teams will advance to the semi-finals.  These also point out where there is a chance of having five undefeated teams and one not making the semis and being sent home.
  4. Individual Reports give detailed match by match analysis of a player's play over the year to allow them to see what has worked well and what hasn't and where their rating likely is match to match.

If you are interested in any of the above reports, or have an idea for something custom or unique, feel free to contact me.

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